in may 2015 i used a donald judd as a living habitat for snails.

from january to march 2015 i grew corn for a plant concert performed in a museum.  

in november 2014 i filmed a bird driving to the salton sea in california.

in october 2014 i rescued laboratory mice so they could play swan lake.

in june 2013 i inserted fruit trees into a structure by reto steiner.

in march 2013 i created a natural soundscape for my bonsai.

from july to august 2012 i lived with sheep in europe.

in june 2012 i flooded a gallery in austria.

from may to june 2012 i grew grass on rugs in a castle.

in october 2011 i released a gold fish inside the fountain at the chinese court garden at the metropolitan museum.

from april to june 2011 i grew grass on a persian rug in my art studio.

in april 2010 i released 50 crickets inside an industrial building to alter the soundscape of the building.

in the fall of 2010 i raised 6 ducklings in my art studio. i later released the ducklings into the wild.

in december 2009 i released three flies during an exhibition.

between october and december 2009 i transformed my art studio into a bird retreat which housed 6 finches, only to be viewed via a peephole in the door.